Encouraging other Christian artists

January 18, 2010 by  
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As long as humans have walked the earth, they’ve used art–music, poetry, sculpture, painting, film, and more–to explore their beliefs. Joey O’Connor realized these ideas could have more impact and reach more people if Christian artists collaborated. In 2003 he launched The Grove Center for the Arts & Media “for the purpose of seeing Christ in culture through art by encouraging creativity within the Christian community.”

The Grove accomplishes these goals by holding retreats, connecting creative ministries, and creating film and print resources for use in the church. The Creative Edge Artist Network connects artists from around the country and offers access to websites, curriculum, and downloadable resources; the new Grove Retreat Center, on a 12-acre avocado and lemon grove in California, will include living space, a chapel, classrooms, and studios.

“The power of art has a tremendous influence on every day of your life,” says The Grove. “Art communicates ideas, values and philosophies that shape our perception of reality and how we live our lives…..[But] there’s also a lot of junk out there. Many art forms in our culture reflect a worldview hostile to God and everything important to us. The Grove Center for the Arts & Media is committed to creating new culture by equipping artists and educating the Body of Christ to use all of its creative gifts for the kingdom of God.”