More information on the Russian “Hymns of Hope”

July 18, 2010 by  
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We recently brought you news about the International Creative Fellowship of Musicians (ICFM) and their recording of “Revive Us Again” in Russian. Here’s more information from the producer of the project, Gerald Schroeder:

Every week, in Russian-speaking churches around the world, worship leaders gather their teams to rehearse and then lead their church in worshiping God. And each week, they continue to wrestle with a lack of resources. In addition, when churches gather together for a special meeting or conference, worship leaders are faced with the dilemma, “Do I choose from a handful of ‘older’ songs that everyone knows, or pick some newer songs that will exclude people because they don’t know it the way we sing it?”

We need a place where Russian-speaking worship leaders can find quality music. This will give them more time, and the resources they need, to lead their congregations. Russian believers will be able to gather together and lift their voices as one in praise to God.

International Creative Fellowship of Musicians was founded to meet this need.

ICFM, a Russian-registered non-profit organization, is dedicated to gathering, producing and distributing both original Russian songs as well as accurate, “singable” song translations. These songs are put into various formats for use by Russian-speaking worship leaders. These formats include lyrics, notated music (lead sheets, player parts, etc.), recorded music and video projection formats. These materials will then be distributed online.

The Worship Network is partnering with ICFM to produce a Russian version of the “Hymns of Hope” project. Worship will provide ICFM with the soundtracks and charts, and ICFM will add Russian text and record vocals in Russian in a Moscow studio. It is wonderful to watch as Christian musicians in the US begin to network and share their resources with other believers halfway around the world!

Learn more about ICFM here, and click here to see pictures from the first recording session.