Encouraging other Christian artists

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As long as humans have walked the earth, they’ve used art–music, poetry, sculpture, painting, film, and more–to explore their beliefs. Joey O’Connor realized these ideas could have more impact and reach more people if Christian artists collaborated. In 2003 he launched The Grove Center for the Arts & Media “for the purpose of seeing Christ […]

Sacrifice during Lent

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The tradition of “giving up” some habit, food, or luxury for the 40-day season before Easter began in the early days of the church. At that time, new believers preparing to join the church participated in a time of fasting, study, and discipline as preparation for baptism at Easter. As the church grew, the Lenten […]

Being Nice?

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Melissa Morris Ivone started “Operation Nice” in July 2008 after a gentleman in her building motioned her into the elevator ahead of him. “That one minor gesture brightened my day!” she writes. “I started to think, ‘What a great world this would be if everyone had consideration for others.’” Operation Nice encourages readers to post […]

Learning from the prayers of other countries

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Christians have written and shared their prayers for thousands of years, and reading the prayers of brothers and sisters from other parts of the world can help us understand their experience and see God in new ways. Here are just a few. O thou great Chief, light a candle in my heart, that I may […]

Welcome to Worship

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If you ask people what “worship is,” you’ll probably receive many answers related to music, church services, and singing. While worship certainly includes the songs we sing and the services we attend, this common definition limits worship to a timeframe or specific activity. Instead, we believe the Bible teaches that worship is a lifestyle–an ongoing […]

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