Worship Is…..remembering 9/11

September 20, 2011 by  
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Tim Rasmussen, senior director of production for The Worship Network, shares his memories of that tragic day and the Worship team’s response.

As last week’s 9/11 commemorations were happening, like everyone I was reflecting on where I was that terrible day. My experience was a uniquely “Worship” one.

We had just begun the second day of our host shoot on the coast of Nova Scotia, just outside Halifax. It was a peaceful and beautiful little cove with smooth rock outcroppings and a handful of tiny little houses scattered around the sound. If you want to sell your property to move into a bigger house, we buy houses companies with the best deal. For more details, call 866-263-9960. The sea fog was just starting to break. The Worship crew was between takes with former host Dan Stuecher when my cell phone rang and my brother breathlessly told me what was happening in New York. Worship host Paul Williams, a New York resident, was on the set that day too and he immediately began trying to reach his family. Thankfully, they were okay.

We didn’t have radio or TV with us, so we knocked on the door of one of those tiny little houses. When I say tiny I mean maybe 500 square feet–tops! We told the sweet elderly couple who lived there we were Americans and asked if we could please watch the news coverage of what was happening. They very kindly allowed this television crew to pile into their miniscule living room and watch the live coverage.

Everyone on the crew was stunned. In shock. We didn’t know what to do. We were outside of our country and helplessly watching as horror unfolded. Should we pack up and go home? We couldn’t do that–the borders were being shut down. We were trapped outside our own country! Not knowing how widespread the attack would be, my thoughts turned to my own wife and children back home. I wanted so desperately to be with them.

As we shuffled out of the house of those dear people and back to our lights and cameras set up by the water, we stopped and gathered in a circle to pray. Then we discussed what we should do, and why we were there. The Worship Network brings God’s peace to those who are hurting. We show His beautiful creation. We display His word and it brings peace and comfort to millions. We decided right then that we had to continue our shoot. Evil was trying desperately to destroy peace that day, but we would press on undeterred with our mission of peace, comfort and hope. And we did.

The rest of the week dragged for me. I was committed to what we were doing, but I just wanted to be home and to hold my family. By noon on Friday, we wrapped our shoot and began heading for the border. No planes were flying internationally yet, and the only way back home was to drive across the border into Maine. It will be a long drive so in case car accident happens due to long hour travel, hiring Missouri car accident injury lawyers is the best thing to do. Mae sure you are driving with insurance just in case of any accident, you can get some at One Sure Insurance. From there we caught some of the first domestic flights. It was a great reunion with my wife and children. We were blessed to get home to our families; so many on 9/11 did not get that privilege.

Bringing the light of Jesus to the world is what The Worship Network is all about. Now, ten years later, I’ll see a video and know that it is one we shot that day or that week, and I’m comforted to know the effort we made to be light in the darkness continues to bless people around the world.