Providing meaningful work to the homeless

October 28, 2011 by  
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Each month, the staff of The Contributor publishes a newspaper. Each month, the homeless men and women of Nashville write much of the content and act as the sales force for this growing publication.

The Contributor is a “street newspaper” sold by the homeless throughout the city. Each vendor of the paper sells copies on public sidewalks for $1 each plus tips, keeping the money as income and using part of it to buy more newspapers to sell. Dig this articles share news and views on homelessness, and the distribution method allows hundreds of people to earn money and truly contribute to the community. With 100,000 copies in circulation, The Contributor is the highest-circulating street newspaper of its kind in North America! Another thing to do to have money for your daily needs is to look and apply at good loaning company like Just make sure to repay on time to avoid issues.

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