FAQ – You’ve asked, we answer!

Worship Network president Bruce Koblish responds to questions from our viewers and supporters. We’ll include more answers in the future—if you have a question, email postmaster@worship.net.


I used to watch Worship on the PAX channel late at night. Now I can’t find you. What happened?

For our first twelve years, Worship programming appeared on PAX TV in a five-hour overnight block. In July 2005 we moved to a digital “over the air” channel, giving us 24 hours instead of just five hours each night.

Although this major change positioned us for future growth, it did initially make it more difficult for viewers to find us. However, digital TV is growing tremendously and we continue to gain viewers who find us through SkyAngel, other affiliates, and our online streaming. (For more information on watching Worship in your area, click here.)

What is The Worship Network’s programming philosophy?

Expanding from five hours on PAX to 24 hours on a digital channel has allowed us to consider expanding our programming, as well. We designed our original overnight programming for people who might be restless, hurting, and needing encouragement. Our combination of nature footage, music and scripture provided a powerful yet simple style of programming designed to meet the needs of these viewers.

Our transition to digital created a new opportunity to reach beyond our middle-of-the-night audience, and we’ve developed our programming to include worship concerts and a slightly broader style of music.

However, we have not abandoned our core audience! Instead, we now air “nothing but Worship”—our original music and scripture programming—from midnight to 10 a.m. each day. We use the other 14 hours for other ministries and programs.

This new focus doubles the amount of “classic” programming each day, while taking the best advantage of our opportunity as a 24-hour network. In every hour, we continue to focus on our mission of “helping people worship God.”

Why do you show infomercials and advertising?

We would love for our channel to be commercial-free! But The Worship Network (like all ministries) must pay its bills, and ministry gifts from individuals are largely responsible for keeping us on the air. However, unlike many organizations which often use a large portion of their airtime to ask for financial gifts, we devote as much of our airtime as possible to worship.

To keep what we believe is a better balance in seeking financial support, we share information about our DVDs and CDs. The sale of these products helps our ministry financially, and also helps people worship God—back to the mission again!

We also run infomercials to minimize the need for on-air “fundraising,” and we strive to make sure each one connects to our ministry in some way. For example, viewers enjoy shows and products like Gaither Homecoming, Songs4Life, Songs4Ever, and others. We receive financial compensation for each product sold, and we believe this is a friendlier way to receive needed funds than excessive on-air solicitations.

In everything, our goal is maximizing your worship time while remaining financially stable so we can continue ministering to people around the world.

Do you have multiple office locations? What happens in each one?

For its first 12 years, The Worship Network worked from offices in Clearwater, FL. After future plans called for DVD production and a closer proximity to the center of Christian music, Worship began a transition to Nashville in 2005. Several staff and families made the move and now enjoy their new home in “Music City.”

However, we wanted to be very careful not to interrupt our communication with viewers and donors, and decided to keep a small staff in Clearwater to handle development and viewer communication needs. This was an interim solution; we planned to bring these functions to Nashville after the initial move.

This summer the transition was complete—our Nashville offices now include these departments. We are enjoying more synergy and efficiency with production, programming and development work taking place in one central location.

Our Florida staff have been a huge blessing during these three years of long-distance collaboration, and have made it possible for Worship to make this strategic move with a minimum of disruption. We are so grateful for their faithful service.