Classical Worship Mozart

Nineteenth century Germany and Austria loved their composers, and Mozart was among the best. He was a celebrity who forever reflected and distinguished the times and culture in which he lived.


Mozart showed musical gifts at a very early age. He composed when he was five, played before royalty at six, and wrote his first symphony when he was seven. He died at just 35 years old, in the midst of a brilliant career.

Though his musical genius set him apart, Mozart’s struggle was the same as ours – to wrestle with the meaning of life, and to find expression for the works of his soul.It is music for the ages—timeless and moving. It is the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.


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On the Disc:

  • Piano Concerto #21, “Elvira Madigan”
  • Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, “Allegro”
  • Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, “Romance”
  • Symphony #40 in G Minor, Molto Allegro
  • Violin Sonata in C Major
  • Requiem – Rex Tremendae Majestatis
  • Requiem Aeternam

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